Victim-Witness Assistance Program

The District Attorney's Victim-Witness program provides a variety of services for crime victims and witnesses to make their experience with the criminal justice system less traumatic and easier to understand. This involves assistance during the investigation and court proceedings and help in making claims for compensation under the California Victims of Crime Program.

Victim & Witness Assistance

San Joaquin County is unique in having a mobile Victim-Witness Unit that can respond at the request of police investigators to assist crime victims during the course of an investigation. This may involve finding emergency housing, arranging for the cleaning of a crime scene, crisis intervention or providing referrals for counseling, transporting children to the children's shelter, or just answering questions about what happens next. Victim advocates also arrange for transportation to court, provide information about the court system and information about particular cases that have been referred for prosecution, information about how to obtain restraining orders, and staff the witness waiting room at the Stockton courthouse. Victim Advocates are also stationed at both the Stockton Police Department and San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office in order to be available for immediate assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes investigated by those agencies.

Victim Claims

Victim-Witness staff assist victims in filing claims with the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board in order to obtain compensation for losses they have incurred as a result of criminal activity.

Witnesses Subpoenaed for Court

If you receive a subpoena from the District Attorney to appear in court as a witness you should call the phone number on the subpoena to confirm that you have received the subpoena and to see if there has been any change in the date and time of the court hearing. Hearings are often rescheduled or postponed, sometimes with very little advance notice. It is important that you verify your contact information when you call so the District Attorney can notify you of any change in the date or time you are needed in court.

It is also strongly suggested that you call the District Attorney's Office the afternoon before your court appearance to confirm that the hearing is proceeding as scheduled. Listed below are the witness contact numbers for the various District Attorney units that issue subpoenas. If you do not know the correct phone number you may call the main District Attorney number at (209) 468-2400. You will need to provide the case name or case number from your subpoena and you will then be connected with the unit that issued the subpoena.

  • Felony Unit - (209) 468-2422
  • Misdemeanor/Traffic Unit - (209) 468-2423
  • Homicide/Gangs - (209) 468-8307
  • Lodi Branch - (209) 331-7500
  • Manteca/Tracy Branch - (209) 823-9825
  • Juvenile Division - (209) 468-4260
  • Domestic Violence / Child Abuse / Sexual Assault / Stalking - (209) 468-0578
  • Elder Abuse / Real Estate Fraud - (209) 468-0579
  • Welfare Fraud (IMPACT) - (209) 953-7733

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Photo: Call (209) 468-2500 for assistance

Call (209) 468-2500
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