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Mental Health Services

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Suggestions and Complaints

Suggestion and Complaint Application

Picture of the Suggestion / Complaint application form. Click on a language link below to download the application in PDF format.

English (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Cambodian

Complaint and Grievance Procedures


What if something bothers me?

It is our intention to provide you with the kind of mental health service that will help you regain control of your life.

Let the people where you receive service know if you are unhappy with the way you are treated. You and the people helping you may be able solve problems quickly and simply.

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Where should I start if I want to file a complaint?

We want you to feel free to start with the Complaint/Grievance Procedure that feels most comfortable to you.

  • This is because we know that sometimes you may not agree with the quick, simple solution.

  • We also know that sometimes you may not feel comfortable telling your complaint to the person you want to complain about.

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Advocates Help with Services

Peer Advocates are clients who help other clients resolve service-related complaints and grievances.

Adult Services
(209) 468-8842

Older Adult Services
(209) 468-3760

Consumer Advocate
Inpatient Services
(209) 468-8662

(209) 468-8259

Parent Advocates
Parent Advocates help parents and other caregivers solve problems and issues related to children and adolescent care.
(209) 468-2241

Patient's Rights Advocate
A representative with the responsibility of assuring all clients their rights. This individual intervenes for the client in both informal and formal disputes and assists with grievances.
Jonah Salerno (209) 468-8676
Fax: (209) 468-2399

Family Advocateatient's Rights Advocate A representative with the responsibility of assuring all clients their rights. This individual intervenes for the client in both informal and formal disputes and assists with grievances.

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How do I file a complaint or grievance?

There are many ways to file a Complaint or Grievance:

  • You can act on your own behalf.

  • You can ask another person such as a good friend or a helpful relative to act for you.

  • You can contact one of the Advocates listed in the "Helpers" list in the middle column (to the left).

  • You can contact the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) by filling out a self-address Suggestion/Complaint form. Drop the form in a suggestion box or mail it. Click here to download the Suggestion/Complaint form.

  • You can call the CAC chairperson, Jennie Montoya at (209) 468-3755

  • If you have Medi-Cal, you can file for a State Fair Hearing at any time before, during or after a dispute without using any of the complaint, grievance or appeal procedures. (209) 952-5253

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Who can use the complaint/grievance procedures?

All clients have a right to express dissatisfaction. If unable to resolve problems on their own, clients may use complaint and/or grievance procedures.

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What happens to me for filing a complaint or grievance?

Your service provider will try to make the changes you are requesting. You will not be discriminated against or penalized in any way for filing complaints, grievances or appeals.

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Are complaints confidential?

Resolving your complaint quickly is important to us. The investigation of your complaint, grievances or appeal will be handled with your privacy in mind.

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