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Upper Jones Levee Break- PHOTOS



PHASE II (updated May-26-05)
Sample of cleaned area #1

Sample of cleaned area #2

Containers delivery for excavotor filling

Excavator removing debris

Crew removes debris

Drift wood and floating rail track blocks levee

Brush makes debris gathering difficult

Excavator quickens time in removing

Hazardous tanks mixed with debris
Tree service removes phone poles & trees

Flood caused peat "moghuls"

Excavator makes quick work on deris piles

Damaged buildings will be destroyed

Narrow roads create tight space use

Debris blocks levee repair-even buildings

Crewmembers must focus on safety-first!

Downed poles block debris and levee work

High weeds slow progress to search

Weeds reduce safety around equipment

Soft shoulders require some road blockage

Driver sweeps high weeds for debris

Cleaned sites are photographed

Utilities still in repair - causes safety risk

Hazardous material tanks removal

Multiple contractors work together

Hazardous material tanks removal

Hazardous material tanks removal

Floodfight supplies and debris mixed

Repaired road under Railroad tracks

Some farming able to restart

Poles required cutting to ease disposal

Another area cleared for replanting

Many growers helped by cleaning near levee

Structure demo debris was not accepted

Debris crews see nature returning



Crews remove plastic visquine, and floated debris:

  1. Crews remove flood-fight material
  2. #Debris and flood-fight materials to be removed prior to repairs

Hazardous Materials pose risk to environment and workers:

  1. Large tank
  2. Unknown content, small drums
  3. Labeling safety of containers prior to removal
  4. Testing of containers for identy of contents


Structures need safety inspection before rebuild, or removed:

  1. Total removal needed
  2. Farm employee housing
  3. Multi-employee housing

Roads and public property to be repaired with State & Federal funds:

  1. Bacon Island Road
  2. Monitoring mosquito activity for West Nile Virus
  3. Large pumps de-water
  4. Another pump view


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