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Substance Abuse Services

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San Joaquin County Substance Abuse Service
Payment Information

Am I required to pay a deposit for treatment services?

Unless you have Medi-Cal insurance or an authorized payment agreement, you will be required to make a payment at Central Intake prior to entering treatment services. 


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    Will Medi-Cal Insurance cover my treatment fees?

    Medi-Cal may cover treatment fees for outpatient treatment and day treatment services.  
    Residential treatment is not covered by Medi-Cal.

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    Will a referring agency fund my treatment services?

    Treatment services may be funded by some referring agencies with an authorized payment agreement.  
    Outpatient treatment may be funded by CPS, CalWORKS, or Felony Drug Court.  
    Residential treatment may be funded by CPS, CalWORKS, Felony Drug Court , Proposition 36 or Westcare. 

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    What if I don't have the money to pay?

    Substance Abuse Services offers discounted treatment for people who cannot afford services in cases where the yearly family income is between 0 percent and 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

     If you need treatment but don’t feel that you can afford it, a financial representative at Central intake will be glad to work with you. Call (209) 468-9600 to speak with a financial counselor. First, it will be determined if you qualify for Medi-Cal insurance or other third party payments. If not, you may be eligible for financial assistance on a sliding fee scale that’s based on income.


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    Who can i contact about my bill?

    Substance Abuse Services
    Billing Office
    620 N. Aurora Street, Suite #6
    Stockton , CA 95202
    (209) 953-7013

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