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Substance Abuse Services

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About Us

Vic Singh, Director Behavioral Health Services
Vic Singh, Director
Behavioral Health Services
San Joaquin County
Alcohol & Drug Administrator

The Substance Abuse Services is responsible for the coordination of alcohol and drug treatment and prevention efforts in San Joaquin County. These services are carried out in collaboration with schools, neighborhood groups, the criminal justice system, the religious and business communities and both public and private health and human service providers. Our services are provided with respect to the special needs of our diverse community: ethnic populations, pregnant and parenting women, individuals with a disability, etc..

Picture of a group of people in a counseling session.The Substance Abuse Services is committed to the provision of culturally appropriate services for all residents of the County who need alcohol and other drug services. The continuum of services from prevention to intervention to treatment and aftercare are provided with the goal of helping individuals in recovery to maintain their sobriety and become productive members of the community.

The Substance Abuse Services is a strong advocate for the principles of Respect, Courtesy, Integrity and Cooperation. The Substance Abuse Services has been a leader over the last several years in developing strong collaborative relationships with public and private agencies.