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Mental Health Services

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Board

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Board welcomes your participation or comments for the improvement of mental health and substance abuse services delivery.

You can reach any of the Board members by contacting:

Theresa Torres
Board Secretary
(209) 468-8753 Phone
(209) 468-2399 Fax

Board Members

Cary Martin Chairman

Tasso Kandris Vice-Chairman

Tosh Saruwatari 2nd Vice-Chairman

  • Cynthia Gustafson
  • Frances Hernandez
  • Gertie Kandris
  • Gustavo Medina
  • Laura Stanely
  • Nancy Chastin
  • Phyllis Cudney
  • Steven McCormick
  • Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller 
  • Sylvia Torres
  • Terence Walker

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Board Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday's of the month from 6:00-8:00 pm
Behavioral Health Services
1212 N. California Street
Stockton, CA 95202
Conference Room B