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Light Brown Apple Moth in San Joaquin County

In March 2007, USDA confirmed the presence of Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), Epiphyas Postvittana in Alameda County.  By July of that same year it had been found in 8 San Francisco Bay area Counties as well as the counties of Santa Cruz, Monterey and Los Angeles.  Since then, despite numerous methods and attempts at eradication, Light Brown Apple Moth has continued its spread across the cooler regions of California, including moving eastward up the Delta and into San Joaquin and Sacramento Counties. 

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A single Light Brown Apple Moth was trapped in Manteca in June 2009. A second moth in July triggered San Joaquin County’s first quarantine.  This quarantine area was declared eradicated, only to have another series of finds in Tracy area.  This began the battle San Joaquin County has been fighting to prevent the spread of LBAM into the county. 

For information on obtaining compliance agreements contact the Agricultural Commissioner's office (209) 953-6000 (Stockton) or 331-7287 (Lodi). 

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San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, growers and nurserymen are working together in an effort to eradicate LBAM from agricultural areas of San Joaquin County, as well as help prevent its spread to other agricultural regions.  All growers in the quarantine areas must be under compliance agreement with the Agricultural Commissioner's Office before commodities may be harvested and move from their fields and orchards and vineyards.  In addition, harvesters, trucking companies, packers and wineries handling grapes in the quarantine area must also be under compliance agreement. For information on obtaining compliance agreements contact the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office (209) 953-6000 (Stockton) or (209) 331-7287 (Lodi). 

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