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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Master Plan?
When was the last master plan update?
Who funds the master plan?
What are the goals and objectives of a master plan?
What are the key issues for this master plan?
What are the components of airport land use compatibility?
What is the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MAC)?
Will there be public meetings?
How can I follow or participate in the study process?


What are the components of airport land use compatibility?


The purpose airport land use compatibility is to evaluate the safety of aircraft and those on the ground. There are four main areas of evaluation:


  1. Noise: As defined by cumulative noise exposure contours describing noise from aircraft operations near an airport.
  2. Overflight: The impacts of routine aircraft flight over a community.
  3. Safety: From the perspective of minimizing the risks of aircraft accidents beyond the runway environment.
  4. Airspace Protection: Accomplished by limits on the height of structures and other objects in the airport vicinity and restrictions on other uses which potentially pose hazards to flights.


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