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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for General Questions and they are listed below. FAQs for specific sections are on their own page, and those links are provided below as well.

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General Questions

Q: My lender has notified me that my payment is being increased and/or they require an estimated tax bill to reduce my payment, will the Assessor’s office correct this or provide an estimated tax bill?

A. The Tax Collector’s Office issues the regular secured property tax bills in October. Those bills are based on the value shown on the assessor’s records the preceding January first. If you bought your property after January first, an adjustment will be made on the supplemental roll. However, the regular bill will be due and payable as issued.

If the assessed value is significantly greater than your purchase price, and you have an impound account, your impound account may not have enough money in it to cover the entire bill. In that case, lenders typically will pay the bill, then bill you for the shortage. Borrowers usually are given the option of sending in the total shortfall or of spreading out the amount over the next year in the form of an increased monthly payment.

When we process your deed, we will send you a Notice of Supplemental Assessment that will show you the value on this year’s regular roll, as well as your new base year value. The difference between those two amounts is the supplemental assessment shown on the Notice.

If the supplemental assessment is a negative amount, you will receive a supplemental refund. Refunds are issued by the Auditor/Controller’s Office. The time from the date of your Notice of Supplemental Assessment and the refund date is usually at least 90 days.

If you are due a supplemental refund, after receiving your Notice of Supplemental Assessment you may want to contact your lender to see if you should send them a copy of the Notice. You might want to discuss with your lender the possibility of sending them the supplemental refund in order to reduce your monthly liability.

A revised regular bill will not be issued. The Assessor’s Office is unable to provide estimated bills and any negotiations regarding impound payments are between you and your lender. Calculation of property tax bills is the responsibility of the San Joaquin County Auditor Controller’s Office. You may contact them for an estimated tax bill at 468-3925.

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