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State Licensing Match System (SLMS)

Permanent, state-issued licenses held by the paying parent can be suspended or withheld to collect past due child support.
The State Licensing Match System is used to match paying parents who owe child support with business, professional, and driver's licenses. These licenses include cosmetologist, contractor, doctor, teacher, attorney and more. This program denies licenses to paying parents (non-custodial parents) who owe past-due child support and apply for a license or renewal.
If a paying parent (non-custodial parent) is at least 30 days delinquent, San Joaquin County Department of Child Support Services will submit a list of all paying parents not in compliance with their child support obligations to all participating state licensing boards notifying them of the delinquency. Once the match is made, a notice will be sent by the individual licensing board, along with a temporary (150 day) license to the last known address of the paying parent (non-custodial parent). Once you receive one of these notices or discover that your license has been suspended, you should contact our Public Service Center at 866-901-3212 to determine what criteria must be met before your license can be released.
Even after your license has been released, it is possible to be re-submitted to SLMS if you are a paying parent and again fall behind on your child support obligation(s).


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