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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Licensing

  • Why must Foster Homes be licensed?

  • Who actually issues the license?

  • Could you describe the licensing process, step-by-step?

  • I want to adopt a child. Do I still need to obtain a foster home license?

Questions About the Application

  • How much information is required?

  • What happens at an Orientation Meeting?

  • What forms are in an application packet?

  • I just want to take care of children. Why is there so much paperwork?

Questions About the Caretaker

  • Who are Foster Parents?

  • Is there a minimum age for Foster Parents?

  • Can same-sex couples obtain a license?

  • What is an alternate caretaker?

Questions About the Home

  • Are there different types of Foster Homes?

  • What are some of the standards our home must meet?

  • How many children may share a bedroom?

  • Can my child share a room with a foster child?

Questions About Placement

  • Who places children in San Joaquin County?

  • What is the Independent Living Program (ILP)?

  • What are Special Needs Children?

  • Can we adopt or obtain guardianship for a foster child placed in our home?

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