Micke Grove Zoo

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Zoo After Dark


Program Details

Fees - Cost is per person. Children under the age of 14 must have an adult parent or guardian present.

Parking - A time sensitive parking permit will be e-mailed to registrant organizers the Friday night before your program. You may print as many copies as necessary for your party.

Flashlights - While some flashlights will be provided, we encourage you to bring your own.

Wildlife Sightings - Wildlife sightings in the zoo are not guaranteed, although program staff will provide live animal encounters using its education animal collection prior to the flashlight zoo tour. Local wildlife such as egrets, skunks, owls, and raccoons may make an appearance and will be integrated into the program as they pertain to the audience's interest.

Minimum Age Requirement - The Zoo After Dark program is a well-structured event taking place in the zoo after hours, concluding at 8:30PM at the earliest and 10:00PM at the latest. Per the zoo's safety policy, guests will be locked in the facility until the program concludes except in the event of an emergency. Because of staffing limitations, we cannot accomodate guests that may need to leave early due to a young child's bedtime or other factors that result in behaviors that may be disruptive to the program and other guests.

We ask that out of respect for other participants, please only register participants that are aged 5 years or older.


Please note that the membership discount only applies to individuals covered by the membership type. For example, a family membership only provides discounts for 2 adults and 3 children under 18.
Any members in your party not covered by your membership should be registered at the non-member price. Thank you.


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