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California law requires concealed weapon license applicants to satisfy specific criteria prior to being considered for issuance of a license. The requirements are as follows:

  • Residency: All applicants must provide proof that they are a resident of San Joaquin County or a city within San Joaquin County
  • Training: The applicant must complete and show current proof of attendance and a successful completion certificate from a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office approved Concealed Carry Course containing modules on safety, the law, and the applicant’s ability to handle a firearm safely. The course will be 16 hours for new applicants or 4 hours for renewal applicants. The training should not be taken until approval of the CCW license is granted.
  • Good Character: Applicants must attest to good character with respect to their ability to responsibly and safely carry and use a concealed weapon.
  • Good Cause: Applicants must establish that good cause exists to support a request for a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Personal protection or self defense is sufficient to establish good cause. If the request is business related, supporting documents must be provided:



No resident has the right to a license, nor is the Sheriff required to issue a license. By law, the Sheriff has the discretion to approve or deny CCW license applications as well as revoke licenses that have already been issued.


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