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Agricultural Plastic Container Recycling Program
for Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Lathrop, Escalon and San Joaquin County

How do I recycle or properly dispose of...

Agricultural plastic containers can be a hazard if not properly managed.  Empty plastic containers that are stored outdoors are a desirable breeding ground for mosquitoes and vermin.  Recycling these containers also alleviates the issue of people reusing these containers for storage of drinking water or other household uses.

Agricultural plastic can be recycled for free at monthly collection events in San Joaquin County.  Inspectors from the Ag Commissioner’s office are on hand at these events to provide container inspections.  Metal containers and cardboard are also accepted. 

Conserve Resources
Protect the Land, Air & Water
Save Money

Program Goals:                          

  • To dispose of pesticide containers in a cost-effective, environmentally sound way which benefits agriculture and the community.
  • To encourage resource conservation by recycling plastic containers.
  • To protect public health.
  • To lessen financial impact on farmers and agricultural businesses.



Ag Plastic Brochure/Schedule

Collections are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at these authorized disposal sites:

Lovelace Materials Recovery Facility
2323 East Lovelace Road, Manteca, CA 95336 
(209) 982-5770

 FREE on the second Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, December.

For 2015:

    February 11        April 8           June 10  
    August 12           October 14     December 9


North County Recycling Center 
  17720 East Harney Lane, Lodi CA 95240
  ((209) 887-3868

 FREE on the second Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

For 2015:

    January 8         March 12             May 14   
    July 9               September 10    November 12


Tracy Materials Recovery Facility
   30703 S MacArthur Drive, Tracy CA
   (209) 832-2355  FREE on the second Tuesday of: February, May, August, November.

 For 2015:
    February 10          May 12
    August 11             November 10

Acceptable Container Requirements:

1.   Type:                Non-refillable HDPE containers (HDPE #2).
2.   Prior Use:         EPA registered agricultural products.
3.   Users:               Growers or Commercial Applicators.
4.   Sizes:               Up to 55 gallon capacity drums.
5.    Cleaning:         Containers must be empty, triple or pressure
                              rinsed and punctured a time of use, then allowed
                              to dry.  Staining is acceptable; caked-on residue
                              is not.
6.   Storage:           Keep empty containers in a building or under a
7.    Parts & Caps:    Remove all non-HDPE parts including caps,
                               metal handles, rubber linings, plastic seals, bungs, labels and booklets.

 Disposal Procedures for Plastic Containers: ON SCHEDULED FREE RECYCLING DAY:
§   Follow ACRC requirements for acceptable materials.
§   Self-certify the containers are clean using forms available through the
    Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

§   Containers will be certified by an inspector from the Agricultural
    Commissioner’s Office at the disposal site.
No gate fees will be charged for plastic containers.  If garbage or other
   materials are included in the load, a fee is charged.
Off-load containers as instructed.


§   Follow ACRC requirements for acceptable materials.
Arrange to have containers inspected and certified by an inspector from the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office before they are taken to an authorized disposal site.

  • Stockton           953-6000
  • Lodi                  331-7287
  • Simms Station   468-5542 or 838-2276

§   Take your containers to the disposal site.
§   Normal gate fees will be charged.
§   Off-load containers as instructed.

Containers not meeting the above-stated requirements or those that once held motor oil, fuel, or antifreeze will be refused and may cause the load to be rejected in its entirety.  If contamination is detected post-delivery, San Joaquin County will contact the person or entity that made delivery of prohibited waste. The contaminants must then be removed from the premises by the deliverer within 48 hours from the time of notification and must be disposed of as prescribed by state and federal laws. Proof of proper disposal (documents and/or manifests) will be required and shall be provided to San Joaquin County Public Works, Solid Waste Division. If not safely and lawfully removed within the 48 hour period, San Joaquin County will contract with a hazardous waste hauler for removal and legal disposal. The person or entity that made delivery shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with the handling and disposal of prohibited material.

Agricultural Pesticide Container Recycling is sponsored by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors

For more information contact:
Department of Public Works
Solid Waste Division
(209) 468-3066 or
Office of the Agricultural Commissioner
(209) 468-3300


Ag Plastic Brochure

Other Resources


San Joaquin County Department of Public Works
Solid Waste Division


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