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Holiday Recycling, Being Green for the Holidays  - Be Green San Joaquin!
in Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Lathrop, Escalon and San Joaquin County


How do I recycle or properly dispose of...

Green Tips for the  Holidays

Holiday Recycling

We create about 25% more waste during the holiday season than we do at any other time of the year.  This includes more food waste from parties and gatherings, more packaging and wrapping paper waste from gift giving, not to mention cardboard boxes, cards and styrofoam.

Make this holiday season a truly green one by keeping in mind the recycling hierarchy:

Purchase only what you will use.

Before throwing anything in the recycle bin, ask yourself if you or someone else may be able to re-use the item.  If not, please recycle the item properly.

The last resort after reducing and re-using is recycling.  Fortunately, in the state of California, we have many opportunities available to recycle a variety of materials and products.

Holiday Materials that Should be Recycled or Properly Disposed of

Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper and Gift Bags
Most gift wrap, tissue paper and gift bags are made from paper.  Re-use these items folded up and stored with your holiday decorations or give them to someone who can use them.  You may also recycle these items (with the exception of foil wrapping paper) by placing them into your recycling bin.  For paper recycling options, click here.

Gift Boxes/Cardboard
Gift boxes and cardboard boxes are easily re-used or recycled.  Reuse gift boxes and other boxes if possible.  If you cannot reuse them, give them to someone who can.  For cardboard recycling options, click here.

Cards & Envelopes
Unfortunately, cards and envelopes tend to be single use items that are purchased only to be thrown away or recycled promptly thereafter.  Most cards and envelopes may be recycled as paper products.  For paper recycling options, click here.

Electronic Cards
Electronic cards that light up or play music are in a category known as
universal wasteThey usually contain a small electronic circuit board, a small speaker, a battery and electrical wiring.  To properly dispose of these cards you should treat the whole card as a electronic waste and recycle it accordingly.  You may also separate the electronic portion from the paper portion of the card, recycling the paper and the electronic waste portion separately.  These items contain hazardous materials such as lithium and lead, please do not throw them into the garbage!  For electronic waste or e-waste recycling options, click here.
For paper recycling options, click here.

Electronic Devices
The holiday season and electronics go hand in hand - usually, it's out with the old and in with the new.  Outdated electronics can be given to friends to use, donated for re-use or responsibly recycled.  Essentially, anything containing a circuit board, which is just about every device nowadays, is considered an electronic device  For electronic waste or e-waste recycling options, click here.

Styrofoam & Packing Peanuts
A lot of styrofoam or packing peanuts are generated around the holidays.  The best way to manage these materials is through re-use.  There are generally two types of packing peanuts: foam and blown corn starch.  Corn starch packing peanuts are all natural and dissolve in water.  You may re-use these peanuts to for shipping or you can place them in the garden or in your greenwaste bin where they will dissolve away into nothing.    For styrofoam packing peanut recycling options, click here.

Block Styrofoam
Block styrofoam is everywhere during the holiday season.  This material can now be recycled!  For block styrofoam recycling options, click here.

Please do not throw batteries into the trash.  For battery recycling options, click here.

Holiday Trees
Recycle your tree!  It's a waste not to do so, and besides it's FREE.  For Holiday Tree recycling options, click here.

Holiday Lights
When strings of lights burn out, don't put them in the trash.  These items contain valuable metal as well as hazardous materials such as lead.  Please recycle these materials as you would Electronic Waste or e-waste.  For electronics recycling options, click here.

Holiday Food
Please make sure that Holiday food does not go to waste.  Cook only the amount that you gathering will eat, including leftovers.  Share leftovers with family and friends.  Americans throw out more food during the holiday season than at any other time of the year.  If you are part of the City of Stockton three cart program (black, yellow and green carts), you may thrown food waste into your organics cart (the green cart).  Acceptable items include paper plates, paper napkins, greasy pizza boxes, bones, vegetable and fruit peels and much more.  Click here for details.





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