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Delta Landscape Management Outreach Partnership (LMOP)  
serving Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Lathrop, Escalon and San Joaquin County



The purpose of the Landscape Management Outreach Partnership (LMOP) is to diminish green waste generation and disposal in local waste sheds, assist local jurisdictions’ efforts to comply with mandated diversion requirements, and promote the use of recycled organic products in urban landscapes.  

The LMOP aims to:

  • Diminish the generation of green waste in landscaping

  • Reduce disposal of green waste in local landfills and watersheds

  • Assist local jurisdictions in establishing green waste management programs

  • Promote the use of recycled organic products in urban landscapes

Largely through offering workshops and hands-on demonstrations to public agencies, institutions, and large commercial properties, the DLMOP hopes to encourage landscape architects, planners, landscape contractors, and other private sector partners to reduce, reuse, or recycle urban-derived organic materials (green waste).  Some ways to achieve the reduction of green waste include waste-efficient Landscape Management Practices such as: 

  •      Controlled irrigation

  •      Precise fertilization

  •      Grasscycling

  •      Selective pruning

  •      On-site composting and mulching

  •      Proper organic materials application

  •      Environmentally beneficial designs

LMOP Goals

  • Establish sustainable landscapes through the use of best management practices throughout San Joaquin County
  • Diminish yard waste generation
  • Reduce toxic run-off to the storm drain
  • Promote the use of recycled products in urban landscapes
  • Choose less-toxic products

Green Gardener Program


A component of Delta LMOP is the Green Gardener Program.  This program provides a series of training classes, offered once per year, for landscape professionals.  Successful completion of the program results in Qualification as a Green Gardener – a landscape professional trained and tested in up-to-date environmentally-friendly landscape practices.


LMOP Website

Master Gardener Program


Composting Brochure

BUGS Program


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